Why work?

What motivates you? Why do you work? Are you a ‘live to work’ or ‘work to live’ kinda person? Do you believe that those statements are even relevant any more?









In a time where unemployment is so high and just getting A job is a big deal, are we really able to go after the career of our dreams or must we take whatever we can get? In a world where things change so fast, what skills must our children nurture now to be career ready? There are jobs and whole industries that exist now that I wouldn’t have even been able to dream of ten years ago, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no SEO roles, no Social Media Managers, Ghost Tweeters, Virtual Assistants or Bloggers.

I’m someone that my friends describe as ambitious. For me that word still conjures images of 80’s shoulder-pads, women with sharp elbows and power-suits, and I wouldn’t say I’m that sort of ambitious, but I do really believe in working hard and doing something that you love. When I started out I had no idea what I wanted to do was called, but I knew the industry I wanted to work in and the things that made me happy and that I seemed good at. I started out in the TV industry at a time when it was competitive, but not overridden. You had to be willing to give your time, focus, and creativity. You had to work long hours for a pittance and prove your heart was in it above all else. Prove that you thought outside the box and had value to add to the team. All of these things are still true for anyone starting out. It is hard to get noticed, but still entirely possible. Companies are still looking to employ innovative, creative, interested, engaged people. But there are a lot more of them. Everyone wants to be AMAZING. So what gives people the edge now? What must one do to get noticed?

The workplace is changing, nowadays it’s unlikely that the Company that you start off working the post room for, will be the Company that you retire from, to me this is a positive thing. It means that there is a relationship between employee and employer that didn’t exist before. It is no longer about clocking in, looking busy and clocking out, but being productive, efficient and showing your value and worth.

Employees need to think of themselves more like Freelancers do, as micro businesses; developing business plans for themselves, setting up their own 100 day reviews, knowing their own worth and proving it.  In this way both employees and employers are more likely to continue to learn, to develop and as a result be happier, have more to offer.  A culture of clocking in, clocking out and clock watching will be replaced by a society that is more empowered, more efficient and as a result makes more time for relaxing, spending time with their families, developing hobbies, learning languages, engaging in other cultures,  and enjoying their lives. Working in this way could impact so many other areas of life. Stress (a major contributor to absenteeism and long term sickness) would decrease, lessening the pressures on the medical profession, the strains on the welfare system, and also creating a global society of people with a greater degree of self responsibility……..

Maybe I’ve gone to far, maybe at this point this is merely unproven thoughts in the head of a woman who has a little too much time to think. However, I truly believe that by pursuing a working agreement based on efficiency and productivity over a more traditional, time for money transaction based approach we will end up with more self aware, empowered workers and people.

I’m interested to know what you think. I’d welcome your thoughts….. email me.