What the F is Self Governance?


I talk a lot about self governance, and sometimes people ask me what the hell I mean… so I’ll explain:

You were born curious…..
…..and you have access to all of the answers to all of your questions.

You know how to love you. You know how to feel. You know how to think. To process. To connect. To engage. You have an opinion. You know what is right and what is wrong…

You also know how to numb; to run away.

Parents, schools, workplaces and outmoded institutions with or without good intentions taught and guided you not to listen or trust that little voice in your head (or gut) and slowly, over time some of us pushed it so far down that we don’t even recognise it when it tries to speak to us… until it screams!

When everything is not right at all, that little voice becomes BIG and then you hear it. Sometimes it takes ‘hitting rock bottom’, or having a ‘dark night of the soul’ moment for us to hear our inner self governance saying ENOUGH NOW!

Over time there has been a misunderstanding, and that misunderstanding has led you to believe that the answers and the feelings of joy or fulfilment are somehow outside of you: That they can be met by things, or other people. They cannot not. It is just an outside in / inside out misunderstanding. Everything starts on the inside.

Life is full of changes. Nearly everything comes and goes, and you are constant. There is always you. Born alone, fear alone, live alone, joy alone, share alone, connect alone, love alone, die alone. You are constantly changing. And in this life you have been given yourself as a wonderful riddle. Once you figure this riddle out, you are no longer alone, but part of the Universe, and from this place of being (not doing) you can experience all that this adventure playground called life has to offer, from a place of wonder.

When I say wonder, please don’t misunderstand me; you will still experience anger, sadness, and feelings of all varieties, but without suffering them.

You have been given a guide to help you understand the riddle that is you. It is an inner voice, a gut feeling, a sense of knowing.

Learning to listen to it is all there is to ‘do’, everything else is ‘being’.

Self governance is listening to that voice. Nurturing your inner wisdom, your body wisdom, your emotional intelligence, your moral intelligence. It is about living in authentic integrity – guided by your sense of self.

How do you find that voice?
Yoga, meditation, sitting quietly, going for a walk in nature, swimming are all ways I access mine.

What do you do if that voice says things you don’t want to hear?
Just listen, practice listening without judgment. Treat yourself with kindness. Think about turning the volume switch down if it is too noisy.

I hope that has made it clearer?

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