September says go slowly….


Suddenly it’s September…. How did that happen? (Thats a rhetorical question, I get it… I swear the years just go faster with age.)

A year ago I was about to go off on tour of North America. A year ago I fell in love. A year ago I was unclear and unsure and uncertain. Things were changing, but I wasn’t sure of what they were changing into and I embraced the uncertainty with daily affirmations and a some trepidation. I embraced the uncertainty with a sense of clawing at it, clinging onto the uncertainty as a certainty, needing there to be edges to cling on to.

This year, right now I feel the rebirthing of a nine month gestation. I feel that things are changing again…I can actually feel the motion of things altering around me, of the leaves turning, the chill in air, the fruit getting fat and ripe on the trees and I am embracing it. Not with trepidation, but with love… the kind of love that is filled with trust and admiration. The kind of trust that allows one to free fall, and enjoy the exhilaration of it without a glimmer of fear in the belly. I am being told by my body wisdom to SLOW DOWN, to take stock, to watch out for the opportunities that are going to appear for me; the magic in the mundane…

Just as little as a year ago I wouldn’t have listened – I would have ploughed on with my todo list, taking action on the plan I have written for myself. This year I recognise the plan as a guide, as a destination to head for whist keeping my spidey senses on alert. I’m not sure why I need to take stock, and why I need to move house and why I need to hang out with my friends and cut down on working and marketing, but I’m listening to a little whisper inside of me that I have grown to respect and trust and I know that something ACE is coming, and that I will want to be ready…