Great inspiration and Leadership!

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So, the Internet is full of inspiration and examples of leadership right?

A million pretty pictures with positive messages flow out of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr and Pinterest, do you feel inspired when you read them or do they make you want to puke? Do you they reignite a sense of purpose or do you not even notice them any more? Do they irritate you in fact? Or does it depend on where and from whom they come?

I’m really interested in what or who inspires you? Who or what makes you think “Hell yes, I CAN do this!”

I see it as my purpose in life to enable or encourage others see their own worth and the unique gifts they bring to the world. I see it as my job to be myself with every bit of bravery I possess and to walk my walk as I talk my talk. To go on my adventure and experiment and play, and to learn as I go, and to tell the stories of my journey. I would love for those stories and observations and experiments to serve to inspire someone, even if at times only myself.

What is inspiring to me? Who leads in a way that makes me want to follow?

Most important for me is leading by example. I feel engaged when I can see that someone is showing up: Being present. Being real. Listening. And giving me their world view so that I can integrate it with mine, and decide what rings true. Someone who encourages me to be curious, to seek answers for myself.

But I am aware that my world view is limited, and I could be missing something wonderful and so I am really keen to hear from you.  Please email, tweet, or leave a comment here, or on my Facebook Page telling me what is inspiring to you, and what leadership means to you.

There have been some great inspirationists throughout history, and I believe right now….Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my friends and family, my clients and the people I meet online and out in the world...But I want to know who’s doing it for you, who is giving you the zest for living your life, your way?  Please let me know, share them with the world!!

Thank you for being you, and for crossing my path on this earth walk.

x Ebonie