Healthy Diet and Exercise….

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I have been trying to loose weight and ‘get fit’ forever. Well, probably since I hit puberty and didn’t like the curves my body developed. Somewhere along the way I was told I was fat (when I probably wasn’t) and it became a truth for me. I have had about 3 stone (42lbs) of weight I don’t want all of my adult life. Even when I didn’t. By which I mean there have been times when I have starved myself down to a lesser weight, but still felt like I had exactly the same amount of weight to shift.

I have tried every diet there is, probably.

I’ve done Atkins, Palm Beach, Juice Fasts, Citrus cleanses, elimination fasts, low calorie, shakes only, salads only, cutting out bread, not eating after 5pm, Low GI, Slow Carb, Intermittent fasting….. and I’ve done them all by the book, followed them exactly, and to be fair along the way I may have lost half a stone, sometimes more, sometimes less, and then put on all the weight and some.

I’m physically active.

I never used to be, I got picked last in PE, I wrote myself notes to get out of swimming, I hid, fainted, and made myself sick to get out of moving my body. But I trained myself into liking exercise. I discovered, like really discovered yoga, and something began to change. I began to respect my body. Respect what it does for me. How it grows, repairs and carries me everywhere. I became aware of my breath. Of my muscle memory. Of my improvement. Of exercise or movement not being about competition, but just about me, on my mat, with my breathe, awareness and focus. I noticed how much the other areas of my life changed when I practice yoga regularly. How I got stressed out less. How I could focus my mind more. How much stronger and flexible I became. Physically, but also emotionally, and spiritually.

I’m a yoga fan. All types.

But I still wanted loose weight and get really fit. And I didn’t think it was happening fast enough. So I went to a gym.I made myself run. I hate running. But I really like resistance training. I got a PT. and then another PT. And then another one.

None of the Personal Trainers I worked with helped me to get results. None of them felt like they got my problem. They all made me feel lazy. Or stupid. Or undedicated. They told me what to do, but when I questioned it or my lack of results they told me I wasn’t trying hard enough.

And then, I met a trainer who, is my fitness coach – my words not his. He is a personal trainer. But he guides me through my own journey, and he is doing his own. He walks his walk and talks his talk. He is not someone for whom being the size and shape he is comes easy. He works it every day. Hard. He gets results – with his clients and for himself, because he is dedicated and he is willing to respond to feedback. It’s a conversation, he doesn’t just tell me what to do and not explain why. He is passionate. Which is hugely infectious.

I am getting fitter and stronger, but more importantly, I am really learning and loving and respecting my body, and in turn myself each and every day.

I can look at myself in the mirror and hold my own gaze. I can look myself in the eye. I never used to be able to do that.

I’ve been training three times and week and eating a Paleo diet for three and a half months now, but I still haven’t lost any real weight, and my body stats, although improving a little haven’t changed dramatically. He and I keep tweaking, and even though I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and inches lost is more important, we were hoping for and expected better results than I have gotten….

We are now experimenting with supplements, I’m upping my Omega 3, and L-Carnitine and hoping that this changes something, but I am also considering looking at bio-signature and how hormones could be effecting me…..

I have previously been to my GP and tried to get tested, they did a standard run of tests; thyroid function, diabetes – which came back ‘normal’.

I would really appreciate anyone with experience of getting a referral to an endocrinologist, or who has had similar issues and explored hormones and their affect, I’d like to hear from you.

I’ll let you know how I get on with my experiments and for foodspiration and to see how I get on with my Bulletproof Coffee, check out my Instagram,

x Ebonie