Half a year gone….the story so far

It feels like only last week that I was whizzing around Bali, hanging out in Ubud’s Clear Cafe drinking espresso and exotic juice and tiptapping away at my manuscript. Trying to get it all done in the two months I had allocated for my adventure turned out to be too big a task, and instead I allowed myself time to just be, to soak up Bali and enjoy my time in it’s wonderful haven. I had an amazing adventure, and then reluctantly but also ready, I came home to the freezing February snow.

It has in fact been nearly seven months since I arrived in Bali and five that I have been back.

Sheeesh, where does the time go? What have I done?

Well, I came home, by which I mean to the South Coast of England, and just sort of got on with it.

Although I have written a little more, I am still only two thirds of the way through my Novel, but I have been busy with other things, like moving into my new home in Eastbourne, doing it up….gutting the bathroom and installing a shiny posh new one. Painting walls, putting up shelves, finding lodgers, and generally playing house…..

I’ve also been really trying to figure out what is next for me n my career, trying to find the right job. I’ve been asking a lot of questions, and giving myself permission to take my time to figure it out.  What am I good at? What makes me happy? Somewhere in the answer to those two questions lies the secret of never ‘working’ again, but instead getting up everyday and being brilliant.

I realised I couldn’t figure this out alone, so I asked some people that know me, and some people that I’ve worked for ‘what is it I’m good at?” and then I listened and made some notes….. The notes said that I’m reliable, someone that these people would trust with their businesses, their babies, their bank details and to get them from one side of the world to the other in the most comfortable, least expensive manner possible. They told me that I’m straight talking and serious when serious needs to happen, and fun and creative when fun and creative needs to happen. They told me I’m a good all-rounder and that I’m good with people and that you can chuck me in the deep end of chaos and that I’ll stay focused and not get panicked.

This made me kinda happy. I sound like a good person. (Yippee)

But then, I got a bit sad too, because I couldn’t think of a job or a job title for all that stuff.

And people need to have a job title.       Something catchy and snappy like senior manager of producing marvelousness…..


So, I don’t have a job title, well not a catchy, snappy apply all one, but I do know sort of what it is that I do.

So here’s the thing, I’d like your help.

I am a catalyst, I get things moving. I give businesses & people the jolt they need to generate happy productivity.  There are always things (in business and in general life) that we want or need to get done, but they just don’t happen…. I make them happen, what I am good at, what I enjoy, is getting things done.

My brain is a creative one, but it is also a process and logistics brain. I break things down into manageable chunks.  I work out if the blockage is people, process or resource related. I put together an appropriate action plan to fit the people and adjust the resources so that efficiency & enjoyment go hand in hand. I support the people involved through implementation of the process and then check in after it’s all done, to evaluate and to proffer advice on maintenance and sustainability. ….

In real terms, I guess this means that I can run or manage a project for you; from a home refurbishment, or finding the right property, or developing a brand identity or website, to a large scale event (like a Company away day, or a wedding) or getting the content of a book or workshop out of your head and onto paper or computer, or or or…..

I run budgets, processes, logistics and get your idea from a brain fart to actuality.

If you have any idea if this is a job that has a title, or if you have a job (!) I’d love to hear from you.  Plus if I have worked for you, and you want to give me feedback on what it is that I am good at and seem to enjoy, please do email me.