Do something different today!


I want to talk about death.


You where born, you will die and in between things will change…

Life is a given, being Alive is not.

This blog is especially for you if you are zombie walking through your time here. This blog is for you if you find yourself saying or thinking I want to X in my life, but I’ll do it tomorrow…




It is never tomorrow. Today is all we have. The future can be taken away in an instant… BAM

Whilst this is something I always harp on about, and I am evangelical about living a life that is inspiring and interesting to you NOW, last night my dear friend Freya died aged just 24.  She had a double whammy of illnesses to fight in her short life, and yet these are not how I will remember her, I will remember her free spirit, her love of colourful makeup, her amazing style, her singing voice, her dry sense of humour, her sparkly eyes, her wicked laugh, her fierce attitude, her resilience, her creativity, her hugs, her beauty; I could go on and on and on…

How do you want to be remembered, what is truly important to you? Is it how much money you made? How important you were? How many hearts you touched? How well you loved?

Please understand that I come not from a place of judgment, but from a place of WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

P.S I get that it is scary to be authentically you, to throw caution to the wind and say FUCK plan B, I am going for plan A with everything I have..

Make a start by doing just one thing and then maybe one more.

Today, throw caution to the wind, live like you are treasuring the day….

Do something different, do something authentic and brave and exciting.

Each of us are different and what terrifies some may be comfortable for another.


Here are 42 things you could try, pick something that excites you, or is a little bit “EEEEPPP” – Do it in honour of Freya, do it for YOU, if you do just one of them today I’ll be happy, thank you :

1. Smile at a stranger and watch them smile back; an unsolicited smile can change someone’s whole day!

2. Take time out when you need to, don’t apologise for it, but do explain that’s what you are doing. Clear communication is amazing.

3. Eat like you love yourself.

4. Be kind. To yourself, to others. Take a breath, and be kind.

5. Move your body, dance, yoga, lift, swim, run – do it with the joy of knowing that you can, it is not a punishment but a pleasure and a gift to be able to move in this way.

6. Sing; for an audience if you like, or in the shower, or wherever – I only sing in the car, I love to sing in the car

7. Buy the shoes, eat the cake, call the boy, miss the meeting, DO THE THING… If you know it will make you happy, shove the guilt and DO it. – The caveat to this is to BLOODY ENJOY IT, don’t pay another thought to the guilt once the decision has been made.

8. Laugh – there is always something to laugh about

9. Be yourself, you are unique and that is SO COOL, be even more you today, just try it on for size.

10. Feel all your feelings, even the ones that don’t taste so good. Anger is passion when felt. Fear is something unknown and can inspire. Grief and sadness, they are all part of the cycle. Go there. Feel it, until it changes into something else, then let go and move on to the new feeling. Everything changes. This too shall pass, another feeling will come.

11. Give because you want to, because it is authentic and you have something to give, and enjoy the gift of having something to give, don’t expect anything in return.

12. Learn how to receive. Baby steps. Allow someone to give you something, and enjoy it.

13. Love, make time for loving. Enjoy loving. It is more important than anything else. FULL STOP.

14. Turn your phone off at night. Escort it gently from your bedroom, and pick it up again tomorrow. FOMO is not a real thing. You won’t miss anything I promise.

15. Get more sleep. Wake up rested and ready for the day.

16. Drink water.

17. Get rid of the things on your ‘to-do’ list that you are never going to do.

18. Look in the mirror and really look at your face. Smile… If you can’t get help with that – from a friend, a coach, a teacher, a counsellor, a therapist. You are AWESOME and if you can’t smile at yourself what is going on with that!

19. Tell the people close to you why they matter with one small personal compliment.  Everyone enjoys being noticed.

20. Learn how to be in silence.

21. Spend 5 minutes being still.

22. Draw, write, paint, sculpt – for the sake of it. Have a go at being creative because….. for absolutely no reason at all. Enjoy it. Then throw it away.

23. Ask a stranger for help – 10p for the parking ticket machine, directions, or just the time. Notice how it makes you feel.

24. Do something kind for a stranger – buy their parking, or a cup of coffee or ask them if they are lost?

25. Phone your mum / dad / sister / brother / aunty (you get the idea) just for a chat.

26. Go to a class you’ve never been to before: pottery, life drawing, yoga, singing, Spanish…

27. Check your emails once a day instead of every half an hour.

28. Bake a cake.

29. Hire a cleaner.

30. Wear something you would never normally wear.

31. Be late (or on time) which ever is out of the ordinary for you, just try it!

32. Quit your job. (only if its something you think about doing every day and today is THE day.)

33. Give flowers to someone.

34. Have the awkward conversation – break it down into the facts, the story you are telling yourself, the emotion you are feeling and what you want to happen, baring in mind the other person might not want that thing to happen. Breathe.

35. Change your bed-sheets, notice how lovely it is to have a resting place that is clean and comfy.

36. Give yourself a break mentally: That thing that you are berating yourself about. Let it go!

37. Spend the day with your children, without your phone. Turn it off, leave it at home, go to the park.

38. Book a massage. Allow yourself to be nurtured in some way. Even if it’s not a massage, find something you’d like to do just for you, and do it.

39. Meditate – sit quietly and breathe, do nothing but that.

40. Look at the sky.

41. Take your dog for a walk… or borrow one

42. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for

Leave a message in the comments of the thing you are going to do, or add something to the list for others to try!


xoxo Ebonie