Why dating could save your business…


If you are anything like me you love what you do and are occasionally in danger of being ‘married’ to your job.

Don’t get me wrong loving your work is a good thing! BUT the work section of your life is just that, a section of your life. There are at least two other parts that you need to pay attention to and work on.

1. Relationships with others

2. Your relationship with Self / God or Ego v Enlightenment.

I know that sometimes you just want to get everything done, you have so many ideas and so much to do, and you are in a rush to do it all, but I am here to share a secret with you: [Tweet “sometimes less is more”]

Arianna Huffington says “Don’t push the river, it flows” and she is SO right. If you find yourself staring at a screen or the wall, a pad of paper or a pot plant, lacking inspiration or motivation to take efficient action it might be time for a date.

Yep, a date.

Don’t laugh at me, I’m serious! It’s in those moments that I want you to remember what is important to you. In the moments of frustration or boredom that I want you to remember your WHY. In those moments when you feel like it’s all too much like hard work, that instead of pushing through I want your response to be kindness to yourself. I want you to go on a date. With yourself, or with a loved one.

Working all the hours going doesn’t actually build a solid foundation for successful business, it builds a solid foundation of resentment. Resentment kills productivity and creativity – so please go and do something else.

Go and have a play date with your kids. Date your dog – or take the neighbours dog out for a walk. Date yourself – go and read a book. Snuggle up on the sofa with a novel – (not a work work!!) Go for a swim, or to a museum, or to a movie. Take yourself out for tapas or just take the day off and hang with your lover.

Whatever you choose, my best business advice for you on the days where it all feels too much is to go on a date – you will be amazed at what ideas suddenly appears outta nowhere and how much you fall in love with yourself, other people and with your work again.

Ebonie xoxo