Can I help you? A round up of my most popular services…

I’ve been asked by a number of people to explain in more detail what it is that I do, and so because the services I offer are bespoke and tailored to each particular client, I have decided instead to give you the run down on some of the most popular things I do, which can be booked as stand alone offers, can be built into a bespoke package for you, or might be included in the on-going work that we decide to do together.

Business Babysitting:
So, you run a business, so you can never go on holiday, right? Wrong. I can answer your phones, emails, and enquiries and respond as you would, or take details and pass on to the freelancers that you use, making sure that no balls are dropped and nothing is missed whilst you are a away. I can file the mess, pay the bills and make sure that there isn’t a massive backlog and piles of unopened post when you return.

Desk MOT’s:
Is your desk a place you dread? Perhaps it worked for you once, but no longer serves you. Together we can find the best place for everything you need and work out processes that work for you, making you more efficient, and your desk a nice place to be.

Email Triage, Correspondence and Diary Management:
As it says on the tin really. Do you get so many emails a day that you no longer read any of them? Do you skim read and then try and remember to go back and answer later? Maybe you can’t find emails that you were sure were there? There is probably a lot I can take off your hands, working together we can create filters, rules, files, and template responses. I can also log in remotely and read and reply to people increasing the time you spend doing the work you actually enjoy!

Personal Admin Overhaul:
You’ve kept everything for 6 or 7 years like you are supposed to right? How long ago? Do you still have bits of paper in your files from 1999? That was 14 years ago! From refiling and binning what is no longer needed to rearranging contracts on utilities to get you the best deals, I can save you money and create space.

House search / move:
Looking for a new property to rent or buy takes time and patience. Give me a brief and I can do it for you, arranging for you visit those appropriate all in one go.

Wardrobe / Home / Office De-clutter:
“Clutter is stuck energy. The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter,” which means to coagulate – and that’s about as stuck as you can get.”
If you want to get unstuck, create space or just make way for new, get me in and we’ll get it done.

Holiday / Trip / Gift research / planning / Booking:

Some people just don’t have the time or the inclination to find those tucked away deals. With my great network, and busy fingers I can find you just the thing you are looking for!

In order to keep it simple and still allow you freedom and flexibility I offer pay as you go and retainer rates. All my projects are bespoke, and my pricing is to be confirmed at consultation, the first Consultation is free, usually on the phone, for up to an hour. Minimum PAYG booking time is 2 hours.

Pay-as-you-go: I charge £30 per hour plus agreed expenses.

I get booked up about a week in advance, but sometimes people cancel, and it’s always worth checking my availability. If however you want to guarantee that I will be free for you a retainer might be better.

Retainers: Save you a substantial amount of money but must be paid up front by standing order. The hours do not roll-over and I do not offer a refund for unused hours. I offer 35 hours and 65 hours a month fixed rate retainers. These are on-going or for a minimum 3 month period:

35 hours per month (approx 1 day a week) £850
65 hours per month (approx 2 days a week) £1600

If you want to get in touch you can email me, find me on Twitter, Facebook or just call.

And, I also offer discounted rates and deals to people who really want to work with me, and I really want to work with, so please never be afraid to ask for help from me.